Saturday, March 30, 2013

D'sozo Update

Still going strong. Unbelievably strong! 
God's grace is amazing.

These young people are dedicated to the task at hand!
So, tell me, How does one little country church
raise so many incredibly gifted speakers?

Dakota shared the plan of salvation last night.
I saw tears. Hearts were moved.
She spoke from her heart.

She's a born speaker, but the Spirit was there.

Julia had the health talk.
Natalie spoke Thursday evening and Max had the health talk.
I wonder who speaks tonight.
Maybe, Brianna.

We've had a pretty consistent attendance of non-members. 
They don't really have much ... if they say they are interested 
then don't show up, several young people are sure to visit them the next day,
and the next day,
and the next day!


Melodious Echo said...

This looks awesome. I'm interested to hear more what this is about. Your face (the blog mom here) looks familiar. Trying to place you…although you may wish to remain unnamed. :-) GYC goers? Anyway, love your blog and photos. Blessings!

acceptance with joy said...

Yes!! GYC, ARME Bible Camp, and I think we are Facebook friends also. I'm Angela Ford just writing a little nearly every day of our crazy life following the Lord's lead in ministry in our family and the other children that come into our home.

D'sozo: The little Greek word sozo in the New Testament means three things at once: to save, to heal and to set free. The girl's used the name from Dave Feidler's book that was given away at GYC... read about it here:

Our D'sozo is a youth inspired outreach project... a spin off of what they learned at Youth for Jesus (ASI).

Emily said...

As a mom, there's nothing better than seeing your kids passionately following after God and boldly proclaiming the truth! I love this!