Sunday, March 10, 2013


Our beautiful girl turned 18 already.
How blessed we have been to have her in our lives!

 First we didn't have enough candles....
and then there were too many,
But we had a lot to celebrate, so too many was JUST fine!

At the last second we realized we had too much cake 
& on a whim 
we invited the 
neighbor kids to help us eat it.
They were only too willing to oblige.

The girls taught all the kids a couple of new hand clapping games.
Apparently Thomas is too old for such things,
even though the girls are many years his senior and they could play just fine.
Funny how that works.
In the end there wasn't a bite of anything left...

May the Lord bless you with many more happy years,
Brianna Grace!
We love you.


Oldqueen44 said...

How special.

Acceptance Joy said...

easy peasy.... just make your collages on a site like pic monkey or ribbet then upload as a photo.

Acceptance Joy said...

sharon, I accidentally deleted your comment. But here is what it said:

how do you get your pictures into these nice layouts? I've struggled with the seeming lack of lay-out control, have toyed with changing to a different blog host.