Friday, March 8, 2013


The newest foster children.

Big D is 4 almost 5 and he's not actually very big. All his clothes are too big, though. He is the one who probably inflicted most of the bruises on his siblings with a kendema, but I don't think he's actually a really mean kid. Neglect is the culprit here. Things will escalate and get out of hand if no one is watching and guiding and supervising. He is super duper interested in the chickens. He checked the nesting boxes over and over all day and brought in one egg at a time. Considering we get 20 eggs a day that was a lot of trips to the hen house. He likes to help. I had him peel a dozen apples on the apple peeler yesterday and he was a stick-to-it worker and proud of his accomplishment. He doesn't like most food and asked for fruit loops and sugar so far, but he did eat an apple. He's in headstart which gives us a break because he is the most intense.

Little D is pretty mellow, but he can also yell and holler at his siblings to protect his rights. He can tease, too. He's 2 nearly 3 and talks like nobody's business. He's a pretty good size for his age. He can play outside like the rest of them. There's no leaving him behind. He eats better than the other two. He can whine. None have learned how to ask properly.Whenever he is unhappy or in trouble or anything he makes sure to bang his head hard on the wall or floor or chair to make himself the victim.

Then there's the Princess. Well, actually, Tough Cookie would better describe her, but it doesn't make a very good name and she has her girly girl side for sure. She loves dolls and is quiet. She loves to help. She's 3 going on 4. She's unfazed. She can play by herself in her own little make-believe-world. She is picky about her food but at least she finds things she likes and then goes around and takes it from her brothers...

They are all potty trained!! WHO HOOO!!! lol

Nighttime is a nightmare. Going to bed is the ultimate punishment (apparently). Every time they wake up the crying starts all over again and there is no consoling them.They sleep on the floor instead of the bed. They take off their pajama tops and wake up cold in the middle of the room with nothing to warm them .

I'm getting a clothes voucher this morning, so big shopping trip because we really need those clothes and shoes.

It is a bit disturbing that people outside the case can tell me things that they probably shouldn't know.... I'm pretty sure there has been a confidentiality breach somewhere that is a bit more than unusual.

And.... since Missy has a lot more to focus on than just herself she's managed to get to school on time and do what she's suppose to do. That's  nice.


Mama Ds Dozen said...

Wow! Just wow!

Confidentiality Breach? Sad, but not unexpected living in such a small town probably.

I was wondering how the other 2 young ones would respond. Yea for Missy!

Hugs & Prayers,

mama of 12

Sophie said...

WoW..2-3-4 WoW!!

Better you than me. Haha

Have fun!! Glad they have you.

Mandy said...

Wow, you're hands are full. You could just nickname your Tough Cookie, Cookie.

Confidentiality doesn't happen within the system too much. Everyone tells me, "Don't tell anyone I'm telling you this but..."

I had to turn zip up pj's backward for a short stage, until my boys got used to sleeping in more than a diaper. You can literally cut off the feet as well, and just put socks on them. I'd head to your local Goodwill and pj train them with some low cost pj options.

The bedtime screaming gets better... You probably already know that, but I had to tell you anyway.

:)De said...

I have used backwards zippered pj's with success. Pj training will be helpful in the long run.

Jennifer P said...

Three is exponentially more work, yet that much more joy! They are together!!! What a blessing that will be in their life. I think the grapevine is amazing and I have developed my on little info net. The world we live in....Glad Missy rolls with it all.