Saturday, March 16, 2013


This had the girls in stitches.... (when the kiddos weren't around, of course.)

Little Miss Cookie (3years old) talking on the phone to her father in a syrupy sweet voice:

"Hi Daddy.
I love you.
You are my girl.
You are my baby girl!
You are my precious baby girl, daddy!"

I don't know much about this Daddy, but that just sort of melts my heart. Obviously he talks to his children very sweetly and he gained a great big star in my court.

Big D is very concerned about his upcoming birthday. According to him, his daddy "made" his 4rth birthday and he's worried that daddy won't be here to "make" his 5th birthday. He was begging his daddy to be there. Hopefully he can make the trip.

One more concert today. Steve is preaching in another town. Good grief, two weeks in a row of this craziness with new kids. I hate to put anybody up to watching them for me during the concert, they were SO VERY WILD last week, screaming and kicking and trying to run. If only the girls had a free hand, but they are a major part of the music, too. Hopefully they are calmer this week.

Leasa will arrive this morning to start the training with the youth for the upcoming D'SOZO project! Everybody is pretty excited.

Missy had sugar yesterday, lots of sugar. There was a violin/ piano party. James had wet his pants again and lied so he didn't get to go. (For lying, not wetting his pants, otherwise the kid would never get to do anything that's how bad the wetting has become. ) Interestingly enough, Missy turned into a bear when she got home, so maybe sugar does affect her. I sent her to bed early, but she's already beating James up this morning. Sigh. Guess who won't be in the concert this morning?!

Buddy's family got the keys to their new  house on our street.

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