Monday, March 18, 2013

Overwhemling.... and 300 Memory Verses Learned

I'm not sleeping. at. all.

Three kids thrown into our crazy life is a bit overwhelming. We see them calming, but it's hard to really surround three and take them in hand all at once. I see good things happening, but I don't know if I can keep up the pace. Steve thinks we can do it.

I think yesterday started to push me over the edge and make me really wonder . . . Buddy's family moved yesterday so Steve, Andrew and the girls were out there moving furniture at 8:30. I went later and got the boys so the parents could work more efficiently. Then the girls went back after their job at the Sunday church and cleaned the old house before lunch. We had Leasa here and she helped me with the kids in the morning. The girls and Leasa did their training and door-to-door work all afternoon until after supper. I was at home with 7 little kids, plus the neighbour's 7 hung out here. The 2 youngest foster kids were stinkers to the point that I told everybody they had to go outside because I couldn't keep a handle on all their mischief. So they went in the barn (against orders) and broke eggs. James then collected the rest of the eggs and slid them across the counter at me a little too hard. They landed on the floor in a big mess and it just seemed like the messes got bigger and bigger all afternoon.

Today I won't have the little boys and the twins will be in school for a good part of the day and Steve will be home to help with the new foster kids(from henceforth known as the Triplets) and maybe I won't be quite so overwelmed anymore. I just see all these appointments this week.... visits, dentists, new evaluations at the hospital for PT/OT/Speech for the twins for two days, music lessons, and possible school option for Big D and all that entails . . .

I took the kids who were listening and obeying to the little parade in our bitty town. That was two out of 5. James and Big D were pretty impressed with the fire engines and the motorcycles. Missy should have been there but when I asked her to buckle up she found 1001 things that she needed to do and when I left she was not in the car ( I had given her ten minutes to comply and we almost missed the parade).  She freaked and I told her through the window to run to the greenhouse where Steve was ....  she thought I was going to pick her up there. That was not my intention.  I was sending her to be with her dad so the other kids would not have to witness the sure to happen fireworks. Indeed! When we got back from the parade Steve was still sitting at the greenhouse with her. It was pretty spectacular from what I am told. Andrew was quite impressed and he was up at the house.

The big girls were at the parade with their friends handing out D'Sozo flyers. The people were hooting and hollering at the parade and holding up D'Sozo flyers and waving them. Girls thought it was awesome!

On another note last night I reached a goal on my scripture memorization using Scripture Typer. I have memorized and reviewed 300 verses since the beginning of February. Some of these verses are ones that I have memorized in the past, but I expanded the portions memorized by learning texts before and after and have learned a lot of new verses. Some scriptures that I had memorized as a child were relearned. I am memorizing Psalm 119 with the choir. I am part way through memorizing the book of James and I am in the third chapter. The entire book of James has fewer verses than Psalm 119, by the way. I am also memorizing Matthew chapter 5 right now. It's not  very hard chapter. I think I successfully typed in 18 verses of it last night fairly easily. Every verse seems quite familiar though I had never thought I had memorized it. I memorize every day. I keep current with all the reviews as they come up. It's a challenge, but a good one.


Oldqueen44 said...

Great on the memorizing.
Sad on the chaos.
Hopeful for the new home and move.
Praying for your sanity.
Oh and...courageous husband.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'll be praying too! You know I'm behind you all the way with the adoption and foster care, I think it is so after heaven's order, but I was a little concerned for your strength and courage when I read about the three little ones... but it does help a lot when dear husband is full of courage and behind you - especially when he's home. :) But we are reminded that the Lord's callings are His enablings. I see this whole thing as such a miracle although it transpires in the trenches! Wish I could pack you all up and fly you out here for a spring break or something! The girls would have lots of fun romping around with cousins and 'cousins'. I also managed, by God's grace, to memorize the first chapter of Revelation - it is a BIG first for me and I am amazed what God can help me put into this brain of mine. Love you all! A.

Mandy said...

If you can hang on it will get better. It really does. The destruction and messes are so hard, I feel for you. I will say some extra prayers for your family right now.