Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Onion Juice

It was nearly 11 PM. I was sound a sleep.

~ Right by my ear. I screeched. I was startled out of a deep sleep.

He was having an earache and he couldn't sleep. 

So I got the last onion out of the fridge and cut a thick end off 
and microwaved it for 45 seconds. It seemed soft enough. I squeezed the juice out of it and dripped it down into his ear. The effect was nearly immediate and he went right back to sleep.
I was probably as thankful as he that our night would have no more interruptions.

Two days after our "TRAFFIC" episode where he told me he didn't like me anymore,
James sidled up to me on our hike and held my hand.
"Mom, I love you."
I love you, too kiddo.
"Mom, I really love you."
I really love you too!
"Mom, I'm glad you are my mom and I really do like you."
 Ah! stop and recognize this for what it is;
an apology and a taking back of words...

It was a little "onion juice" on my pain, if you will.

I recognized what kind of thought process it took to come to me and elude to a problem that occured 2 days before. I know what it cost him to retract his words.

The next night when I added 4 new addition facts to learn
he ended up on the porch screaming that he hated me... :-/
BUT I know it's not true.
these are words in the heat of the moment...
It was short lived.

A little onion juice goes a long ways... I'll have you know!


Kelly said...

Yep. So true. Good post.

Oldqueen44 said...

How precious

Anonymous said...

I love this post!