Monday, March 11, 2013


Need I say more?

We have 5 days to take the kids to a doctor after they go into care, so today was the day for that....

The doctor was very, very interested in Cookie's hair

and as I watched I had a growing suspicion.

I had seen monkeys do that to each other....

He said they were old.

Nothing active that he could see.

So then I started to look and I pulled out a hair with a white thing on it and the little Cookie says,

"those are the eggs!"

OH, REALLY?!  Out of the mouth of babes.

It wasn't an egg. It was an old dead nit, but still.

She was obviously quite familiar with what we were looking at.

I'm so itchy it's not even funny.

Of course,

I'm always itchy as my scalp is covered in psoriasis,

but I certainly imagine it to be much MORE SO!

We're treating all three....


Emily said...

I had head lice when I was in middle school. I got it sleeping over at a friend's house.
I live 3000 miles away from you and I'm itching, too!!!
I hope it really was dead and that you don't find any creepy crawlies...

Matt and Maria said...

These videos are priceless, and if you happen to need them, you won't have hours to go searching, so here they are!

You also might want to make sure you have a good comb on hand, just in case...



Mama Ds Dozen said...

We've had a house full of lice, twice over the years.

So. Not. Fun.

So sorry.

So sad that the kids are so familiar with the little "eggs".

:( :( :(

Anonymous said...

My condolences. I got lice when I was 4, and we were combing out nits and putting all sorts of wierd solutions in my hair for what seemed like forever after that! (It probably wasn't all that long though- I didn't have much perspective back then.)

Oldqueen44 said...

Quite a few years ago when my kids were young, we went on a family vacation with all my sisters and their kids. 22 of us got lice all at the same time. It took four months to have the very last kid cleared up. It was an expensive vacation.
But it makes for a very memorable vacation.