Sunday, March 10, 2013


This case is strange.

Everywhere I go there is someone who knows these kids.  I had the kiddos calling out to people at the store.... "Elijah!! Elijah!!!"

We went to a different church yesterday for the concert and there was the children's neighbor. She wanted info. Friend and Social Worker wouldn't give her any, but she felt free to talk. Later she sat by me. She didn't ask me anything, however she was more than willing to talk....

Social Worker asked her not to tell that she had seen the kids. Momma is still so very angry. Facts are, Momma will now know my name and where I go to church. It was a little odd in that the church we were doing the concert at made a big deal of me being the director and instead of the choir name up on the screen they had my name pasted up there.....

She also tried to befriend Social Worker or Social Worker's husband on facebook.

Fun, eh?

I don't feel threatened, but then I don't know Momma and what she is capable of.

She's so very young.

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Emily said...

Uncomfortable. I understand. Completely.