Monday, March 11, 2013


I got some sleep last night.

And that is worth a WHOLE POST.

The kiddos are settling in, keeping their pj's on, staying on their beds and not waking to cry.

YES! I feel so much better today.


Anonymous said...

So glad you're feeling better! Of course we're all very curious at this end - What is going on??? You really have the strength and energy to take three more or is this very short term? :) I know, it is heart breaking and must be terribly hard to imagine saying no! Well at least it will supply us with lots of things to read and that's always great!! :) Glad they are starting to settle in - I thought it would be interesting to see the twins' reaction to the smaller kids 'with all the issues!' :) Praying for you all! Love, Antionette Oh! Happy Birthday dear Brianna!!! Can't believe you're 18 already!!!

angela ford said...

I'm hoping that it is fairly short term. Relatively speaking... This is a placement much like Buddy was. It is all dependent on the family and how they get their act together, or if an extended family member gets cleared to take them.

It isn't just me. The whole family works together or I could not do it. So when the call came we discussed it and if one would have said no, then it would have been no.

BUT everyone said let's do it. There are so many kids that need stability.

Diane said...

5 nights? I'm thouroughly impressed! That's really fast for such a turnaround, especially for all 3. Congratulations on a good night of sleep!