Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Dance!

Tomorrow I get to tell three precious little children that after breakfast they are going HOME!

Happy for them.
Happy for their mom.
Happy for me.

I'm tired.

Everybody gets a new start.


Emily said...

I'm happy dancing with you.

Kelly said...

Dancing with you.

Julie said...

Thrilled for you, but confused. How does she go from therapeutic visits due to not working her plan at all, to having the kids returned to her this quickly? The system boggles my mind.

acceptance with joy said...

I have no idea... actually, wondering, too.

She is now what they call an In-Home Dependency, which is someone working with her in her own home. Basically, the state is still responsible for the kids, but she gets to "babysit" them in her own home. The mom is 21. The idea is to help her become a good mom and work along side her.

Julie said...

Oh! I am so glad she will have assistance!! I hope that didn't sound judgmental. I am thrilled for you that you are not having to do so much right now, but it really just kind of confused me. Especially when it seems like the little boys that became your neighbors, their Mom tried so hard and the system seemed to make it harder for her. I can't do foster care but sometimes when I read stories like this it makes me thankful.