Thursday, March 14, 2013

25 Pounds of Chicken Feed Later

*I was appreciating the moment of peace while the kids were running around outside in the 60 degree weather.

Unbeknownst to me,

Missy was leading the children into mischief...

They dumped half the chicken feed out on the ground.

Missy is the only one tall enough to open the barn door,
strong enough to open the feed bin,
and silly enough to think it okay to cover the ground with three inches of chicken feed.

She's giving James her Walmart card to pay for damages.
She could have done morning chores for a week, but that seem too distasteful somehow, she'd rather give up the only money she has. Actually, she has no concept of money.

* Christina just went to the garage to get herself an Asian pear.

Every pear in the box has a big bite out of it. That would be a big *RAT?* 

Yeah, about the size of a 3 year old human child?

* Little D continually rocks on the bar stools. He's banned for safety's sake. I figured fifty requests to stop was probably over the limit.

*We did a bit better today.

Cookie is fast worming her way into hearts. She's funny. Cute. Sweet. and learning the limits very, very quickly.  From her thumbs up with one squinty eye and lopsided grin, to her cheesy face when you tease her, to her begging for "Auntie to tuck, tuck, tuck her in her bed", she knows how to engage people. She has calmed right down. She was just plain happy all day. I put her in time out once today.  We lost count on the boys. The boys cry for "Mommy" every time they are shown the limits. She doesn't. She just accepts it.

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