Wednesday, March 13, 2013

He's a Runner.... no more!

When they brought these kids to us Big D was wild and trying to escape and run out the door. One of the SW's caught him and the other said, "He's a runner!"

I was a little baffled.

And then they caught him again.

And I said, "Let him run. There's no where to go."

But so long as the SW were here we  kept him from running out the door. Maybe it was a pretty effective attention getting game in town.

Later we pretty much said, "The door is there, go if you want."

There's no street to worry about. It's unfamiliar territory. Where's a four year old going to go?  Is he going to chase coyotes, or find the cougar, bother the chickens, or get lost in the orchard?

Three days in, all of a sudden he decided he was afraid of the dog. Our big old golden retriever that doesn't so much as bark or whine is going to eat him up, apparently. Not. You have to recognize these behaviors for what they are. He's not actually afraid.

Now we're saying "GO OUTSIDE! Just GO play on the slide. Just GO and play...."

Kids. are. silly.

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Me and Jesus said...

yes.. mine still "runs", its part of the fight or flight thing. I allow him to run, last time I offered to pack his lunch. I also remind him that we lock the doors at 9pm, its up to him which side of the door he is sleeping. That has taken all the fun out of running. He is also a big chicken so I don't worry that he will go to far.