Thursday, January 3, 2013


Part of the joy of GYC is connecting with like-minded people. I don't have pictures for most of the people we connected with, but here are a few to kind of give you a taste.

We had breakfast with the Halders. Marci and I have been online friends for quite a long time. Our girls eventually met at GYC a few years ago and then got to know each other better at Youth For Jesus. Marci shares her journey with her son here: Jethenro's Journey She has family blog, and I read it, but for some reason, today I cannot find it.

We had breakfast with the Seilers (not all are pictured). The girls knew them from Youth For Jesus. Aubrey has become Brianna's good friend. She writes here: PracticingPraxis

We met young people from as far away as Australia. This is Esther with Brianna - her mother and I are facebook friends. Esther blogs here: Higher than the Highest and yes, we read her blog even before we met!
The GYC choir was a real blessing. The sound was heavenly - but more than that!!!! The spirit and the instruction in practice time was from Above. You can't really know how that is possible unless you were there, but I had more than one daughter say, " Choir practice blessed my soul as much or more than some of the meetings"... and the meetings were good, so that's saying a lot. I believe there were about a hundred participants. Thanks Sean! He was the director and he blogs here: Lofty Studios

I connected with a few of the Adventist Homeschool Educators. This is an E -group I have been a part of since before Vanessa was old enough to homeschool. (She's 19, by the way.... if that gives you a clue). Thanks Rhonda for arranging the meet-up. She writes here: Preparation Education and the AHE blog is here: Adventist Home Educator

This may be the only GYC I am ever privileged to attend, but I will always appreciate the chance to meet and know personally my online friends and the other friendships formed there.

We came home with two from Florida. Two sisters who spent time with the girls both at Youth For Jesus California and Youth For Jesus Hungary. Also, two of the young people from Hungary came home with us. And my parents are still with us. We might even have a the few from Germany stop by for a night tonight. We'll see. The house is full! In fact our vehicle was so full coming home I put 4 of them on the Amtrak to make room for luggage. Yesterday was filled up with music and sledding!


Oldqueen44 said...

Great memories.

Mama Ds Dozen said...

Sounds like an amazing time. And, what fun to bring some of them home with you. Love that you put some on Amtrak so that you could fit the luggage in your van.

Your girls are blessed to have such friendships.

:) :) :)

angela ford said...

Not actually using the van in this snowy weather. The suburban has been resurrected. How thankful I am! Still doing some sideways driving on ice.. but at least it has 4 wheel drive to get out of the snowbanks.

Sean Nebblett said...

This was like re-living GYC all over again. So glad somebody had the presence of mind to shoot a few photos. Working with your girls was a highlight- in choir and otherwise. Bless you for giving them the gift of service. :)

Emily Heagy said...
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