Monday, January 7, 2013

The Day I Lost a Toddler in an International Airport....

It was a fast trip over the mountains to deliver 8 airplane passengers yesterday. The Lord was good to us and held off the thick snow and kept the passes open. Today it is falling steadily.  Thick enough that I sent the twins a hiking out to the mailboxes this morning so the bus won't get stuck (again!).

Christina left for Eden Valley in Colorado for 18 days with Isabelle and my parents. My dad runs Eden Valley, which is a lifestyle and treatment facility which focuses on nutrition, exercise and natural remedies. Isabelle (12yrs old) has suffered for a whole year and we know it is PARS, but why ?? No one knows. Her spine has micro fractures which cause a great deal of pain. It seems there must be more going on. Anyway, Christina went to be her moral support.

Not sure what we'll do without Christina around here. She's my secretary, dishwasher, business woman, and get-her-done person. She answers the phone and makes the calls. She keeps the calendar up-to-date and is an awesome babysitter. She is organized and messy all at the same time. It's kind of hard to believe she's actually only 15. She write a blog here and after that last blog post I have a story to write about her and airplanes!!! Her anxiety about catching a plane began long before she should have been old enough to care.

She scared the living daylights out of me - literally! My eyes went blind with fear in the Chicago O'Hare Airport when she was 2 years old. It was all because she thought we would miss our flight.

I had the three girls dressed in bright pink, matching dresses and it was a good thing! I sat us all down in the boarding area to wait for our plane, but this pesky artist wanted to draw the girls. For a fee, of course!! He looked like a beggar - unkempt and I was very uncomfortable with him around. He wouldn't leave. When I refused to let him draw the girls he sat down by Christina and proceeded to snooze there tilting towards her. I herded my little flock away and we wandered the halls.... MUCH to Christina's distress! She was sure we would miss the plane!!! I had my eye on the clock, or course, but she couldn't tell time yet. We ended up in a little shop. I was looking at something on one side of the small shelf and the three girls went around to the back of it where there were toys. They were not more than 2 feet from me. I could see Vanessa's head. I glanced at the item of interest- then quickly went around to be with the girls.

One was missing.

I went around the bookshelf twice.

She was no where to be seen!!

I let out a blood curdling, frantic plea for help, "MY BABY!"

Someone hit the panic button for security... others asked what she looked like. I pointed to the other two in pink matching dresses. I struggled to see. I think I might have even prayed out loud.

Some said they'd seen a toddler in that same dress go a certain direction.

I ran into a waiting room. People stood up and point out the other door. I ran dragging Vanessa and Brianna behind me. Back in the hall  - more people yelled, "THAT WAY!" and I ran thru another waiting area only to be pointed out the other side. With everyone directing me this way and that  I could not believe she had gotten so far in that split second I had taken my eyes off her. Obviously, my face showed fear, obviously people had been wondering why a 2 year old was making her own way and had noticed her dress matched... I was probably running not far behind her but she was staying out of sight.

The story ends well. We still have her.

I found her sitting beside the artist in the same seat as before. My adrenal ran for hours!! How grateful I was. She had been terrified that we would miss the plane, so she was going to go without us???? She might have been a pretty precocious 2 yr old, but she was ONLY 2 and her logic was slightly immature!!  She still has that same anxiety over catching the plane on time... Though, she's learned to tell time and stay with her family.

The house is QUIET!! We enjoyed our houseful while they were here. The young people went skiing one day. And I have pictures of another day's outing on the tourist trap town - for later.

BUT for now I have lots of plans to organize.

A new Bible study program to start for the new year.
A plan to re-organize the house.
A bunch of new ideas to help the twins think outside of themselves.
A desire to save money on groceries and to budget better this year.
A few pounds to lose.
Got to quit psyching  myself up to  exercise and just go do it.
Plus a few other things....

I also am starting a class tomorrow morning to keep up my fostercare license. This will run every Tuesday for 3 months. It's hard to find classes that aren't on Sabbath, so I am way behind on hours. This will help a lot.


Sean Nebblett said...

This tale is even funnier than the sense of heroism. (Thanks to the happy ending.) ;)

Mama Ds Dozen said...

I posted about "What's Cooking?" on my Ministry Blog today. It is Part 1 of a 3 Part series on how to save money at the grocery store. :)

Hope the series helps you focus on your goals.

Oh . . . we "lost" a 4 year old at SeaTac many years ago. So scary! We had picked up 20+ exchange students arriving from Japan . . . we all headed out to the vans . . . and our little guy wasn't heavy enough to "trip" the automatic doors. He was the last in line, and stood their watching all of us through the glass doors. I turned around while loading our 6 kids into our van and realized he was no where in sight. Yikes!

Hope you enjoy a bit of your "quiet" house this week.

Laurel :)

Melanie said...

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