Sunday, January 20, 2013

Life Lesson

Two children,

both age 8.

One gets up happy and motors right through his morning routine.

The other takes her merry time.... NOT crabby or anything, but don't push it!!! Everything is on her time-table. She hangs tightly to control of her movements. Everything is based on how she feels about it and what she wants to do in the moment.

Eight o'clock arrives and Daddy must head to the ski slopes to be on nurse patrol.

One child is in her pajamas with a list still ahead of her.

The other child had completely done his chores and had eaten a hearty breakfast of potatoes and waffles and blueberries.

Guess which child was blessed with an unexpected invitation for a trip to the ski slopes!

ONE child is heard crying, "NOT FAIR, NOT FAIR", while the other quietly grins from ear to ear.

It sure reminds me of that story in Pilgrim's Progress of the two brothers. One looking for instant gratification and the other waiting patiently for his inheritance.When at last the second brother receives his reward, the first brother cries, "Unfair, unfair!" as he looks at all his broken and used up trinkets.

There are eternal consequences in the story in Pilgrim's Progress and character built now could truly have eternal consequences here, too. As parents, may we never forget.

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