Monday, January 14, 2013

You are Kidding Me!

I guess I'm going hiking tonight. Wonder how many miles it will take before the critter decides he's going to answer me.

{Three... and then we had to walk home, so six tonight. And I walked him to school this AM. That was two and half, but I had to walk home and chose a different route hoping for less ice and that was three.

I'm feeling those 11.5 miles.

I sure hope he's in a better frame of mind tomorrow.

This afternoon it was over homework. Let me just say it was 5 hours of snot for 10 minutes worth of counting by fives. That's what it took him when he finally put his mind to it!

OH Me... Oh My! Some people's kids.}


C Dawn's bucket said...

Hugs! So sorry it is another rough day.

Mama Ds Dozen said...

I guess he keeps you in shape. (LOL)

I know it isn't a laughing matter, only hoping that you can find something to smile about in the midst of extreme frustration.

Praying for you and both kiddos tonight.

mama of 12

angela ford said...

lol. I am so sore!!

QueenB said...

Wonderful! And, especially wonderful for me that you changed to a regular font - it was hard for me to follow your other one! His mercies are new every day, hallelujah!