Monday, January 21, 2013

New Caregiver, Update on Buddy's Family, and Christina

I'd take Jacob any day!!!

He was James' fill in care-giver today. He was greeted at the door by Vanessa and he thought he had the wrong house because he knows her.

"Bunessa!" (The typical mispronunciation of her name by Spanish speaking people) "I don't know if I am at the right house. I am suppose to take care of a man named John."

"Um, you are at the right home, but he's actually my little brother, James."

So, it was a big surprise all the way around. I almost told the agency to forget sending anyone since it is kind of a pain to explain everything and then in end it hasn't been working out so great.

But, he's a good guy and he made James work hard and James liked him a lot. He spent 2.5 hours working with him when we are usually lucky if we get an hour of real effort. I am so going to request Jacob as a regular. It's also nice that we know him from church.

The Missy's gal didn't come. I knew yesterday she didn't want to come. She HINTED at the fact ever so clearly and then she called in sick and there was no one to replace her. Vanessa worked with Missy for me.

Bri and I went and spent a couple hours with the Babies' family. We went to look at a house coming up for rent, etc... and talked. I sure hope they get that house. It's the first house on our road and ours is the last house. It would be so convenient.

The mom told me that she didn't know where she'd be if it were not for our family cheering her on...

It's hard to attend all the appointments and meetings and counseling sessions, etc.. that DSHS has required of this mom of 4. It's nearly impossible. Someone close to her has encouraged her to sign slips for herself to make it look like she has attended meetings that she has not. I don't think she would do it, but she brought it up. I believe in impeccable honesty, of course. I know that such a course, in the end, would only work against her. Instead, I offered to get her kids ready and put them in bed for her if she would just attend one meeting a week.

 The daddy has a new job.... it's an old job returned to him. He knows the work and has been in management in the auto business at this very place. He may have to work back up the ladder again.

The Duckling is so ready to crawl... if he wasn't so chubby :-) He's up on his hands and knees.
The Buddy hasn't done any new damage to his face in a week... THAT KID!

Christina will be home on Thursday. We all miss her. She's the life of the party. However, she has really, really enjoyed learning massage and hydrotherapy and would stay longer if we'd let her. We'll let her  - sometime. Just not right now. First off, she needs to escort Izzy back home and she has some responsibilities to her homeschooling and paid for classes. I guess she has helped to strip my mom's house of every piece of wallpaper in the place. My mom is on to painting now.

Izzy has found out she has a LOT of food sensitivities. I don't know what all, but at this time there are only a few select things she can eat. The massage can go deeper than before, but there is much for the girl to overcome, yet. She still has a lot of pain. Christina and Izzy called from inside the hyperbaric chamber tonight.

Oh, and Andrew might be coming to stay with us for awhile. We'll see.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like life as usual at your end - BUSY, BUSY! Was just reminded of the promise to wait on the Lord till my strength is renewed - the hard part is to wait, to learn to wait. But the promise is there, He will fulfill all our needs in Christ Jesus. Glad Stina-Bee is doing well - will keep praying for Izzy. Jason sick in bed with fever and aches - my laundry line snapped and i picked my clothes up off the ground. Raining. OH, did I mention that I have a MOUNTAIN of laundry? Where did it come from??? The Lord is good and a comfort to all who trust in Him. Thinking of you as you're sleeping right now and will be facing another day in a few hours. Love, A. xx