Sunday, January 13, 2013

Introducing the Speakers....

The team is getting ready for their series in Bible Prophecy in the spring and they needed a photo for their flyer. Bri roped Sam into helping her shoot the pics...

The results:

I have to say they are good looking bunch.
So proud of them all!!

BUT you have to know that a photo shoot like that
doesn't go off without a hitch...
Got a problem, Garhett?
 Bri's attempt to get people to pose in a certain way goes awry.
"The wailing wall."
 Some people feel left out and are just plain jealous.
Looks good on you, JON.

But there's no doubt that they always have a good time.


Mama Ds Dozen said...

Great job! Love the pics!

:) :) :)

momof4boys said...

Will the team be ready to do 6 weeks of Bible work and evangelism in the North, in Yukon come July to August?
I'll be happy to be the host!
I'm dead serious!
Music, Sermons, Child evangelism, Whitehorse, Dawson city, Perhaps even into Inuvik (The of the road) Quite literally, the ends of the Earth!

angela ford said...

you are kind of late on the draw. They all have summer plans... Speaking in Hungary and Florida, etc... but maybe another time?