Wednesday, January 23, 2013


The foster care classes are finally interesting. Well, the material to be covered is still the same old foundational stuff, it's the class members that are becoming more comfortable and starting to share. WOW. One can learn a lot from a seasoned {and I do mean seasoned} foster care mom. {When a child they have adopted is older than me, and they are still fostering.... I'd call that SEASONED, wouldn't you?}

I asked some questions and got some good answers and ideas to try, some concrete things to think through. It is so encouraging to talk to people who have been there and have solutions that have worked for them in the past.

Okay, some of my own stories are jaw dropping. Not that they haven't seen it themselves, but  I can share with the best of them and they are not all seasoned.

Received an email. Two children needing a forever mom and dad. Kids from OUR OWN TOWN. They look sweet and their profile reads kindly {kinder than a lot of profiles I have read, ***but do your homework***}. It's easy to think of orphans in far-flung places. It cuts home hard when they are in your own backyard especially when you look at their beautiful faces. Also, it is super unusual for me to get this type of email. It's not how it is generally done. They usually present these pictures to people looking to adopt, not random people on their mailing list. I'm not in the running, (there would have to be a pretty clear call and maybe some flashing gold letters in the sky) but it certainly breaks my heart and I can present them to the FATHER of all children and plead their case. They need a mom and dad and love. They need stability. But they also need to know Jesus.

The twins are actually pretty level headed and calm the last few days. Such a blessing.

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