Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Sick at Our House. - And the Hilarious People Who Can't Get it RIGHT!

One child is happily going off to Children's Hospital with her daddy today for an hearing aid. I am not so sure she actually needs it! No one told her she was going to Children's Hospital, but somehow she has been eaves dropping and told everyone at school and the bus driver that Wednesday she was going to Children's. It amazes me how on top of things she is. She knows what is going to happen even on days I'm confused. She's always right.

The other child is vomiting - or has been.... in his bed since midnight, all over the carpet, everywhere. Swine flu? It's going around. It's a good thing Vanessa is going into nursing. She cleaned it all up. I just can't do throw up!

Andrew goes to his appointments in the big city as well. They will be gone three days. He's quite sick. I am very concerned. He sleeps almost constantly, or at least lays in a dark room most of the day and night. I'm hard put to entice him to eat once a day.

I repainted the room downstairs and put away more stuff. I'm in serious declutter mode. I sure hope the garbage man comes today.... he didn't come last week!!! Help us all. It's really a bad time for the garbage man to forget us.

A friend took up all their laminate floor because it was not really the right color. They offered it to us.... and sadly, our floor downstairs in not level enough to use it. It is totally the wrong color to use upstairs or I would. We are going to have to re-carpet downstairs, I think.

****Steve said he needed to get some things for me to blog about. I guess I am boring these days. Anyway, so this is how it is going for him this morning.

He made the girls cry. He wanted to take the car to the shop, which meant Vanessa had to drive with him to the shop but he was trying to do all sorts of things around that needed doing..... AND HE MADE two of THEM LATE FOR SCHOOL. The other was rushed before she was expecting to go.

He got a ticket for speeding.

He got stuck in the snow in the Saturn and Christina had to push him out, so now he's buying tires.

The ice-cream cake he bought for Andrew's birthday he left in the trunk of the car over night and it melted into a puddle.

It's only 8:57.... Is this a sign he should not be driving over the pass today?


Melissa said...

This year there is a very aggressive strain of Norovirus going around. I bought my kids buckets and put their names on them, this time of year when the stomach flu is everywhere they sleep with them lol. I hope your family gets well and stays well.

Anonymous said...

We love Steve! :) Antionette

Mama Ds Dozen said...

I bet Steve wanted a "Do Over" for his day.

Hope his trip across the pass went okay.

:) :) :)