Wednesday, January 16, 2013



So they made the bus.

BUT not before I lost it.

Now I wish they hadn't gone so I could do it over.

I think that I'm handling the intensity just fine and then all of a sudden, I'm not anymore. I'm shaking and I'm loud and I'm forcing them to obey because it's all such insanity. We've got every passive aggressive behavior known to man going on here.

For the record they were not the ones who were hollering this morning. He's using stubborn silence and refusing to respond to me or do anything. She's not near as hard as he is when he gets hard. The disrespect of refusing to answer me REALLY pushes my buttons.

I tried to apologize to them before they left but James refusing to acknowledge me didn't go over so well and I found myself frustrated and trying to get him to respond all over again while the bus was honking it's horn.

I feel like burying myself in the bed and wishing the day away.... but maybe I need to go find a Bible promise to get me through this, instead.

After several days of beautiful sunshine, we have a heavy grey day where the clouds hang right down over the tops of the mountains like a thick blanket holding the cold down close the ground. It's one of those inversions where it's warmer above the cloud than it is down here. Totally matches my mood.


Anonymous said...

Wishing you a day of peaceful insight. Or just peace.

Mama Ds Dozen said...

So sorry! I will be lifting you up to the Father today, and praying that He lifts the clouds . . . of your heart, and over the mountains.

We have had a lot of gray over on this side of the mountains, but today we got your beautiful blue skies. Thanks for sending it our way. :)


Emily said...

Praying for you today.

Anonymous said...

Sorry! I'm glad I read that you did find a verse... the Lord is good! A.