Monday, January 28, 2013


Taking a load to the Salvation Army today! YES!!!

Been slowly working through the office.

It used to be used very efficiently when we had a desktop computer and we homeschooled three girls.

Now, not so much.

I'm getting rid of the desk and turning the room into a comfy place where reading and homework can get done with care-givers.... Or the girls can have friends when the house is full of therapists... or a game can be played while an important conversation is being held in the main living room.

This is a big need.

There are no takers on my big desk, though.... What to do with it? I tried Craigslist. At this point I would GIVE it away. Anybody?

WHAT A LOT OF JUNK WE'VE ACCUMULATED!  I got the girls involved yesterday. They ended up calling themselves pack rats when they uncovered math pages from years ago, drawings (by the hordes) and craft items *they might use someday!*  I emptied the homeschool book shelf and listed everything and sent the list to all my local homeschooling friends. A lot of it  has already been claimed. So awesome.

You know what the sad thing is.... I couldn't move that desk when I painted the room a couple years ago! We might just have to change the color of the walls :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh my! Wish we lived closer!! Antionette

angela ford said...

IF only!! I would give the desk to Kibidula and the tons of school stuff and craft things. Your girls are now at the age I enjoyed so much!! It was so fun to knit and sew, and color and draw, paint, make crafts, go on nature hunts and do unit studies. I love the stage the girls are now in, but it's so different. It's more of watching them unfold their wings than actively doing with them.

Anonymous said...

So interesting to read your comment just now - the girls have gone to bed after we were listening to Grandma Wallace stories and knitting! I love seeing them grow up - no more baby urges for me! :) A.