Sunday, January 13, 2013

Home Today with Missy

I chose to take Missy home right after church yesterday. The rest of the family stayed for the fellowship meal.

Today I kept her home while everyone went to the snow party. After Friday's emotional, disastrous day she needed it. It was also good for her to have only me for companionship for awhile.

She struggled some to just be... She had a need to needle or try for a reaction of some sort. I mostly dismissed her to a place where she couldn't and it got less and less.

I think that tomorrow will be fairly calm.

I am challenging James to do addition facts flash cards WHILE spinning his hula hoop around his waist! Haha! It's brain intensive. I am assuming that working his body while working his brain is good for him. If anyone knows of ways to speed up his processing skills let me know. This is his greatest deficiency. He's pretty good on the hula hoop. He has a stack of math facts learned... So we're just trying to put them together.

I'd like to ask for prayers for the babies' family. The daddy no longer has a job. He's struggling with who knows what... But perhaps he is depressed over his job situation?

Also, please pray for Izzy!! She is at Eden Valley with Christina to get treatment for her extreme pain and her illness is an absolute and complete mystery. I mean we know she has micro-fractures in her spine, but why, and why the pain in the rest of her body? She's also very homesick and struggling with the treatments. Christina has the tough job of keeping the girl busy enough to distract, if possible, her from her pain. It would be such a blessing if she could get some relief.

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