Monday, December 31, 2012

Youth on Fire

Two Thousand, five hundred young people joined together for outreach in Seattle yesterday. It was quite a process to get that many people on buses...

There was a Youth For Jesus reunion last night which the girls enjoyed very much.

We were really blessed by the speaker last evening.

Yesterday my day started off by following Vanessa around to get the piano in the main meeting hall re-tuned. Good thing we actually know the tuner. For us he was willing to rearrange his schedule and meet us at 6:45 AM at the convention center.

I am meeting people all over the place who read this blog... I am in shock really! I know family read this blog, and I know people in the adoption world read this blog, but there really is a WHOLE 'nother audience I have been less aware of. Here and there I knew you were out there, but this is way more than I had any idea.

We had breakfast with a family that we met in blog world yesterday... it was fun to meet in person.

There is too much going on to encapsulate in my alotted 5 minutes of internet this morning so that's all you get.

Buddy ended up in the ER last night. Four stitches later, and his mom stretched out on the bed to keep from passing out, he's just fine. I tell you that little guy is too active for his own good!

Okay. off to breakfast before they run out of potatoes :-)

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