Monday, July 16, 2012

Youth For Jesus

 okay.... wrong info given. there is a meeting tonight!!

Brianna is in Texas with Youth for Jesus. She has been there a whole week already!! She is loving it as usual. Maybe even more so than last year. She's grown and changed and developed more drive in the last year. My, does she have drive!! It amazes me. Her health is much improved and she can carry on with less sleep than she used to. Last year she was found sleeping during some of the activities and missed evening worships pretty consistently because she was already snoring in bed, but not so this year. I think a year of college has toughened her up quite a bit.

Briana is one of the speakers this year, along with Garhett. So far she has preached three times.  Garhett is doing double what she does, because his partner went off to help with GYC Europe. He's good with that, though. He doesn't have to work quite as hard as Brianna to prepare his sermons. Something about his personality and natural talent.

There is no meeting tonight, and Bri's partner takes the next night, so she has three days to prepare for the next speaking appointment. She says that's good because they gave her a topic without a script to work with, and she has to write it from scratch, though there is a simple power point, and she has to work with that, but no script.

There has been a lot less recreational outings planned and more humanitarian type of outreach, such as feeding the homeless, etc.. this year.

Vanessa and Brianna are super close. Vanessa is having a hard time with not being "there!!" but Brianna calls her at 5 AM to ask for help her with her sermons.... she bounces a lot of her stuff off her older sister. It's weird for them to be going two separate ways. They tend to do everything together.  They call each other throughout the day. That's going to change when Vanessa and Christina leave for Europe soon.

I am so thankful for these opportunities for the girls. I saw what a tremendous blessing it was in their lives last year. The spiritual growth and mental and emotional development toward womanhood was evident after just the 4 weeks last year. It helps to solidify and guide them in the direction of their life goals in service. What more can you ask for?

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