Thursday, July 19, 2012

He's Back!!!

The itty bitty little Duckling is back in my arms. Interesting timing to be sure! He's roly poly and more active, but still has tummy issues.

I am so excited to see and hold him once again. We're loving on him!!!

The Buddy has a fever.

Missy is swiping food every time I turn around. Tonight she actually ate my share of supper while I had my back turned to deal with the fever!! It's getting out of hand.

James built a whole zoo from wood pieces and filled it with plastic animals. It was good imaginative play.

Carissa is a good influence on the kids and helps me keep my sanity by engaging the twins in the world of play they would otherwise not enter into.

Steve was up most of the night with our water issues, the basement flood and his trip to the airport, but he's scheduled to work until midnight tonight.

I worked very hard at getting the kids on the new schedule, organizing so I can actually do all this and running after the Buddy!


Isabella and Dorinda said...

I am sorry that the baby is back and glad at the same time. I know he will be loved and save. Sad for the Grandparents. They sound like they are trying to do the right thing for the babies. I continue to pray for Missy and James. God has a plan for them. It is wonderful news to hear about James. God Bless.
"Isabella" in NC

Anonymous said...

Ugh! Fevers... no fun. Sounds like the next month is going to be a real challenge....5 little ones to take care of - will be praying for you! Glad baby is doing fine; it will be interesting to see what ends up happening in the future. Love, Antionette

Sophie said...

wow the baby's back. :)

We are at baseball tournament..... definitely not vacation lol

Oldqueen44 said...

So sorry the babies parents weren't successful.

But happy the babies are in a safe place to be loved and cared for. Wishing you the best.