Friday, July 20, 2012

The Little One

Is a wee bit spoiled.

As in,

sleeps if held.

snacks instead of filling up.

cries if laid out of the bed.

wakes multiple times a night and expects to snack every time.

Been working on changing some of that. I'm going with a three hour schedule - and stretching him a bit. The intake is already increasing. Hopefully the sleep will improve also.

The Buddy is much better today. A bit concerned about his place on my lap..... is too rough with the babe, but loves him to "death".

She probably didn't learn anything, but Missy again snuck some food when I was busy with the baby. An informant clued me in. I considered it a trade- in on dessert. She wasn't much impressed.  How is it that for 2 years she never even touched food without permission and all of a sudden I can't turn my back and she's in the cupboard, the fridge, taking other people's food and eating the Buddy's mess off the floor?  This kid eats like a horse. I know that she would over-eat at every meal if I let her. She's never satisfied and will eat like a house on fire in order to empty her plate to consume more and everything in sight.... One way I can tell if she is truly full is to offer her apple slices, or other fresh fruit that takes work to eat - most of the time she is suddenly too full for it, but given the opportunity she would eat until the pot is empty and there was nothing left to lick. I can't put the food on the table. I have to fill her plate and then  hand it to her. I can't trust her to spread peanut butter on her "bread" if you turn your head she quick starts scooping up the peanut butter into her mouth as fast as she can. It's crazy!

I've had an amazing string of answered prayers. Today it was a little thing, but as meaningful to me as any of the big stuff. Holly - our 11 yr old dog, ran off through the orchard to visit an older lady that she likes. The older lady used to feed her treats and dote over her. Then it became a problem because Holly spent more time there than here and the lady no longer liked her and the phone calls started . . . but Holly still goes there occasionally,. It's a 3 mile drive around on the road, or a 10 minute hike through the orchards.  BUT with this many little people and no extra hands and everybody taking naps at different times, I can't just hop up and take a hike... So after the calls started I prayed and asked the Lord to just send the silly old dog home. AND He did. Ten minutes later she was at the front door. Amen.

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