Wednesday, July 18, 2012


As i promised, light happy thoughts....

He is trustworthy!

(And some grandmothers are feisty.)

I think that was just a test. The girls are not going to Europe alone.

It's funny because we were at peace with it knowing it was in the Lord's hands, but it certainly was not our first choice to send them alone.

I wondered all day when the phone would ring and I'd hear from my mom!!! lol. I figured the news wouldn't strike the grandparents any softer than it did us. But She didn't call. I guess she didn't find out the girls were going alone until this morning when Jason told her at breakfast.

First thing this morning we got a call from Leasa and she said she was going after all and that I should call my mom and thank her! Mom is stepping into Leasa's place as Lifestyle Director at Eden Valley so that she can go.

Now Leasa has to go home and do laundry and pack. Strangely, even though she tried all day yesterday to cancel her plane ticket, she could not. Now she knows why.

When Leasa found out the girls are only taking a backpack she was like, "NO way!" They need plenty of clothes because of the laundry facilities, but the girls are like, "Uh uh. we're going light." They rather like their backpack arrangement. They can always hand wash what they need.


The girls picked up 14 kids for the Bible Story hour last night. It's growing!! These kids are thirsty for the Word of GOD and they love the Bible study. Some of them don't even have a Bible in their homes. It takes two trips with the big van to pick up and drop off, now.


Sean and Lisa said...

LOL! Ok so when I read yesterday the girls were going to Europe alone I was like No way! Then I admittedly compared how I would have reacted to that news myself and realized I would have FAILED! :) So thankful it was just a test and that God had provision already in store for them. He's so good like that, now if I only remembered that when I am going thru those tests! :)
Much love!

My Strength and Song said...

When a friends daughter was on her way to Albania her cousin who knows the ropes had complications and couldn't go with her as planned- very last minute! She had to go alone!! She went both ways alone-with the Lord. He took her and brought her back. That gave me alot of courage in sending my girls off to YFJ for their first plane trip, away from home experience. God is good. Yes your right we need to trust more fully. That cord of faith must grow fatter until we can suspend our whole weight upon his promises. THanks for the encouragement!