Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Acidophilus / Scripture Work

I never reported back on the acidophiles, ahem . ... Acidophilus experiment... My spell check wouldn't let me spell it correct and then I forgot to look it up!!!!!

but I need to, because even though we did not follow through for three whole months the 6 weeks or so that we did made a difference.

Both children have had an obviously healthier gut. The signs and symptoms that I noticed have pretty much disappeared.

We are having very little issue with fighting the toilet, but that may have something to do with cherry season. These two eat less cherries than anyone in the house, but they do go out to the tree and eat a few now and again.

Missy has actually gone of her own accord to the bathroom here and there. That's a huge thing for her.

The melatonin worked to get Missy to sleep in a timely fashion for a few weeks in a row and then we stopped using it and she has kept the pattern. We are not sure if she has stayed asleep that last couple of nights, but she's going to bed and falling asleep.

We are working on learning the 23rd Psalm. We started Thursday and we are nearly finished. Believe it or not, Missy is learning the whole thing!! I am quite excited about that. It proves possibilities I was unsure of, are there. I had just recently said she could not memorize. I had given up doing anything more than one liners with her, but I always kept her near and had her try even though I had no expectations and lo and behold she is not far behind James on the Psalm!! I was so surprised the other day when she suddenly started reciting. We use a variety of tactics - standing on the balance board, running stairs, in the car, picture books, having them read straight from the Bible and even letting them use power point on the computer to interest them in working on their verses. I think we'll move to Psalm 91 later this week.

You'll love this update of one of our YFJ'ers... The Morgan Trail

We have so little time to finish packing the girls. Christina and I went shopping yesterday. We bought both girls each a beautiful black skirt. They are simple, but lovely and you can't wrinkle them if you tried!! So then we bought a few bright colored T's to go with and that simplifies packing a lot. A black skirt can be used for dressy, or not dressy and so they can pack less. Everything was on SALE!! Like 60% or 40% off the last sale price, so we managed the shopping trip without much ado about the bank. :-)

The Buddy has learned to climb up to the top bunk bed. What next?!!!!!!


Matt and Maria said...

Congrats on all this progress! We always find a hymn or a song to fit the words into when we are trying to memorize a longer passage. I prayed Ps 121 all through our adoption process and stuck the words into "And Can it Be", and learned it in no time. The kids have stuck scriptures into songs from the Lion King....

Anonymous said...

OK, I have (hopefully) a funny comment for you. Just reading the entry title, and not the content (yet), and as a non-church-goer, I thought "Acidophilie" was a book of the Bible! I've only heard of the yogurt cultures as "Acidophilus." LOL
durrrrr.... no, I'm not over-tired! Not at all!

Acceptance with Joy said...

Lol! Thanks. Corrected the spelling!!!