Friday, July 6, 2012

It's a Small World After All ** and Fostering Shock

Friends with an international flavor. . . representing at least 8 countries :-)

If you are wondering how this is possible....

Miss Shiloh's mom is South African,
her dad is Canadian,
but she was born in Tanzania.

Carissa's mom was born in Columbia,
her dad in Mexico,
but she was born in the USA.

And of course China is well represented,
by Leila and Lottie.

And Ethiopia by Bethlehem.

**... Starting to come to an understanding of all that happened at Children's Hospital.
It's a lot to comprehend.
And so much to follow up on.
I was too overwhelmed to be able to write about it... but I'm getting there ...

*** Please pray for the Buddy's family.
I answered a call from our social worker in Costco today.
I asked about the Duckie.
And she asked if I would consider taking him back if things don't work out.
Mommy is finding it much harder than she thought,
and she actually asked that he be brought back to me,
but the social worker put it to her straight....
that returning the baby to foster care because getting up in the night is making her
too tired to cope, or whatever her issue, is not a reason to get someone
else to take over.
It would set the whole case back.
Getting her baby back a second time would be doubly hard.

I was in shock.
I had so much more faith in her mother instincts than that.
It breaks my heart.

I'm hoping on one hand that her straight talking to
was enough to wake her up,
but on the other hand, I miss that little babe.


Oldqueen44 said...

The chance she is taking is so great. The opportunity to raise her own child is nothing to mess with. It is incomprehensible to me. I hope she gets her act together.

Jennifer P said...

I understand completely. I am amazed at the parallels to my boys' case. It is very hard to understand the why but clearly God has put you in this place for such a time as this. Ministering to those with limited skills and a different worldview (putting it nicely) is challenging. I pray God's perfect will for these babes and for your family. Let go and let God. It's worked out for me everytime! :)

Summer said...

I am so sorry. Hard, sad stuff.

Thinking of you often.

Blessings and peace,

abrianna said...

I am glad that the mom asked for you again.

Could it be that she also does not understand the seriousness of what giving him up a second time will mean? Is there a way you could communicate that to this way you know that she knows the cost?

Unless someone said it to her that way, she might not understand that fully.