Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Battle Over Brushing Hair - The Hair Lost

This was long time in coming.
She didn't want to put it in a pony tail.
I didn't want it in her mouth
or hanging in her eyes.


We killed three birds with one stone.
Part way through the cutting she threw the mirror,
which might tell you how well she liked the idea. 

James was outside. He came in while I was cutting it.
After the first glance he wouldn't look at her.
I asked, "So, what do you think?"
He looked away.
"It's kind of short."
"I know but what do you think?"
He glances her way...
looks down,
and says,
"It's kind of cute."


Mama in Uganda said...

I have taken this route on many occasions....and it worked!

Blessings and wisdom,

~Melissa said...

I cut my girls hair short if they are old enough to comb/brush it and they won't. I hate snarly hair. My 7yo asked if she could let it grow long and I said, as long as you brush it and I don't have to get out snarls... she sunk her head... she doesn't like to comb her hair. ;p

GB's Mom said...

Which is where Hope's dreds went. The battle over haircare is NEVER worth it.

Stina~Bee said...

C.U.T.E! love James comment lol.