Friday, July 27, 2012


I came out of the clinic last night with a new type of formula for this baby. Already he is calming. We had endured 24 hours of screaming and tummy troubles that couldn't be solved and we were growing weary!! The doctor gave me four cans of soy based formula for sensitive tummies and by this morning I think it's starting to make a difference.

I held the little man most of the night, but I managed to sleep doing it. Steve usually takes a turn, but he has to work and he's wiped out.

In between holding the crying baby I would fill a jar with apricots... I would hold the babe and Steve would pick, then Steve would take a turn at holding and I'd get a few more jars  filled... We're up to 55 quarts canned from our tree so far.  I also have 6 more apple boxes worth of cots I picked off of Benny's tree. Steve had told him we didn't have time for them... I said, time or no time, we need that fruit to get us through the winter, so it was up to me to get them picked and now to whittle away at canning them. Thankfully they are not as ripe as ours were.  Apricots are the favored fruit here.

Someone called to offer me a bin of cherries. Ah, no THANKS. I've got this screaming babe to worry about. Next the phone rang and someone else was offering to process them for me. Sigh.... I couldn't let them do that for me considering we have our own tree and we never even picked all of them. The day before someone wanted me to pick theirs. The fruit is on in abundance and it's free and I can't use it all.

Yesterday, we were suppose to have an appointment for the twins at the University Hospital over the mountains... we got to the top of the pass and found ourselves in a LONG construction delays and when we
called the adoption clinic about what time we would arrive they had us reschedule. That was a wasted two hours.

The twins haven't been acting out too badly, but I'm tired and the intensity of just every day parenting them is enough to make me tempted to be discouraged that there is little hope of things improving for them. Missy is in time out right as I type attempting to pull me into a power struggle. I am looking forward to summer school starting up again. They need it. And so do I. I think it's a day for the ol' apron string trick. need something to get her attention. She's plain not listening.

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Oldqueen44 said...

I'd come help with the canning if I lived closer or maybe you would rather can for a while and have help with kid care. Hope things get better soon.

I watched two of Karyn Purvis's videos and they are so amazing. The one on brain chemistry is so enlightening.
Try rubbing Missy's back while she eats a little snack every two hours and see how that works. You can do the rubbbing even for one minute. It might help.
The other video was about Facilitating Behavioral Change.
Now to just impliment the knowledge.
The brain chemistry video could have used Big Sis as their test subject.