Saturday, July 21, 2012


The little thing is beginning to open up and starting to engage.

It was like he was shut down and slowly we are seeing him come around.

Perhaps he was in too much pain yesterday. His little tummy was giving him a lot of trouble.

Or perhaps the transition was too hard and he was exhausted. Today he's been more awake and alert. Even his little hands are relaxing into fists, rather than fingers flared out. It was still that way this morning, but as the day wore on, he seemed to melt into softer form.

I've been carrying him around in the Mobey Wrap, but I'm thinking to get an Ergo sling. The wrap is TOO HOT! He doesn't seem to mind that, but I do.

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Jennifer P said...

I think we need to talk. When Micah came (at 5 weeks), he was shut down for months. He had been with someone else (not a foster parent) for 4 weeks who did not provide stellar care.Remember the sticky tape example, kids can only stick so many times and then the tape doesn't stick so well.

One intervention they gave us was put him on the bed and find the range where he was comfortable with eye contact. That way he did not have to worry about holding his body in our arms while trying to connect with the eyes. He couldn't make eye contact at close range like during bottles. Too much.

He has no sensory issues (physically) now so I know they were and are emotional.