Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Remodeling the Barn DAY!

The little red barn underwent an amazing transformation today.

Once upon a time the girls were really into bunnies.

But we are down to one. And James has quite a flock of hens. They are growing up fast . . . those girls are going to need a place to lay their eggs soon.

So, it was out with the rabbit hutches and in with the nesting boxes. We reused all the lumber and even the screws!

The kids helped with cleaning out the barn.

Here they are tearing out the rabbit cages.

Missy loading up fouled up bedding.

Taking a break

Memere's right hand helper for the first half.

Bri's turn to load a barrow.

A pretty face :-)
I got out the can of red paint and cleaned up the look of the walls.

We finally hung the painting Bri made for me a few years ago, back when she into her "everything roosters" phase.
It's perfect!

The Buddy was quite content to copycat everything Memere did!
The end result of the carpentry work...

You should be all set, ladies!

The farmer boy did all he could to help. He's quite happy with his hens.... one of them started crowing. We've named him Concerto. I have a sneaking suspicion Sonata is also a rooster... as well as  Osprey.

Time will tell.

Thanks Memere.


Oldqueen44 said...

I would say the Little Farmer will have some happy feathered friends.

Adelheid said...

Your little buddy is soo cute!!! Makes me want to get down on the floor and play with him! He's gona' be a farmer too? :)