Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tons of Fun, Too Many Late Nights, and We're Crashing

Shiloh fell asleep after swimming in the afternoon and slept until this morning. She missed VBS and it didn't matter. All that mattered was sleep.

James woke up but refused to get on board and we finally figured out he was too tired and was sent back to bed.

Missy is teetering on the edge of sanity.

We love VBS, but.... my brother was wondering why VBS isn't in the daytime like it used to be when we were kids. It used to be an all morning affair for two weeks with a huge closing program for the whole family.  People are so busy anymore that everything has been shortened and simplified to the max.
Antionette telling a story

Jason helped Steve to build the rail on our "new' porch. The ditch is filled in. The trees in the front were trimmed down (or should I say hacked in half... it's good. We can see the view now).

Brianna is packing for Texas. And that means she is taking her computer... (this very one that I use :-).
The VBS TYE-DYE crew (minus the one who was too tired)

Jason and Antionette left for campmeeting in Oregon and so my mom got to talk to Antionette's mom on Skype in South Africa.  Apparently she knows me through this blog. Hi there, Marie :-)


Melanie said...

Our VBS is at night as well. The biggest reason is staffing. We don't have enough volunteers in the daytime because everyone works. I teach pre-school music and always loose a few pounds and need a day of sleep on the following Saturday.

GB's Mom said...

My kids would not make a week of evening VBS. I went as a kid and loved it, but I learned the hard way that only one night is workable and then the kids struggle through not going the other nights like every other child.