Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's Over

The part of this summer we most looked forward to

is over.

Jason, Antionette, the girls and mom left this morning around 2:30 AM.

The house is rather empty.

Brianna flew off to Texas to Youth for Jesus on Sunday.

There's only 5 kids in the house. I had to count... 5 is still suppose to be a lot but it feels empty.

We headed out to the garden before breakfast. Christina weeded the greenhouse and mowed, and I strung up the cucumbers and fed the plants, and worked on tying up the tomatoes. Vanessa weeded then made breakfast.

We were concerned that the twins would fall apart this morning, but going outside as soon as they were awake helped to avert the catastrophe for awhile. Missy is on her way down the tube now, though.

My big disappointment is that while trying to back-up all my photos from the last month I LOST almost all the pictures of the visit from Jason's family. We only get that chance once every 4 years... and Bri had taken some really nice pictures.  So very sad to lose them. I have a few and the trip to the cabin.

My garden is not the same this year. Something about having a newborn in the spring messed with my ability to give it all I had. BUT the weather has not been good. My tomato patch doesn't look like it should... they are okay, just not like they should be.  Some things, the cantaloupe, cucumbers, potatoes, peppers, eggplant are fine. The rest of it is iffy.

Brianna is happy in Texas. She has some really nice friends with her. She's matured a lot in the last year with going to college and all. She has a greater capacity to handle the load, and it's a good thing because her load this year is that much more involved. She will be speaking every other night for a full month. Thankfully, they put her in a room with 3 other people instead of the usual 12. She was full of exciting things to share when she called.

I have made myself a To Do List for the next few weeks. It's pretty long! While my mom was here, she got some things done that definitely made my list shorter than it would have been. For one thing  the garage is clean... and that's an amazing feat!

Vanessa and Christina have a lot to do to prepare for their trip to Europe, so our busy isn't over.


Oldqueen44 said...

I can hear the let down in your post. Time will get you back to real life soon, the good and bad of it, and you won't be so sad about the absence of family the way you are now.
I say a little prayer for you.

Anonymous said...

We got home safely and miss you all! Thanks so much for an awesome break - we loved visiting with you all. My thanks especially to the big girl cousins for the love, attention and time to my three girls - it was wonderful to see them learn new things. Give the buddy a big hug from us! I would appreciate it if you could e-mail me a few pictures of the girls so I can try and get it blown up and framed to take back to Africa. Thanks and I love you, Antionette