Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Fireworks!

Twalisa was remembering all her friends back in Africa who 
"would have loved" watching the fireworks with her.

One little girl didn't get to go because she had an appointment at Children's Hospital the today. We had to leave EARLY. Like 5:30 AM to get there on time. We arrived on time only to find out we were at the WRONG branch. The appointment was pushed to 2PM....

Still processing what happened there. Not at all what I was expecting. . . and there was no need for the next two appointments that we had planned. If I can wrap my brain around everything I might post about it later. It's kind of overwhelming.


Elyssa said...

Wow! The photo's are amazing!

Oldqueen44 said...

Hang in there.

Sean and Lisa said...

I understand. I know when we had our son evaluated by the psychiatrist her report took the wind out of my sails for awhile. Seriously, I knew there were issues and knew majority of what was diagnoses but I guess for me it was the "future prognosis" that really got to me. I know all things are possible with God and I don't put my hopes into her prognosis but it does need to be considered and yes, understood, that barring a miracle from God this child will be this child forever....(if that makes sense)
Big hugs and prayers coming your way,