Tuesday, July 17, 2012


It strikes me very strongly at this time that our whole Christian journey is about TRUST. Can I trust that Christ is actually the driver of this bus?

Nothing happens without HIS notice. The little inconveniences and the big hurdles - He already knows and actually has a plan to handle.... so are we tempted to fret and worry and try to fix or do we automatically just hand it over trusting He has everything under control?

Do I allow disquieting, niggling little apprehensive thoughts worry my sleep over the lateness of my tomato patch and start deciding I'm losing all my restaurant customers, or do I trust that all that effort put forth the Lord noted and won't allow to be for not. Do I trust He has a purpose in all that work even if I never make a sale?

Worrying seems a little silly on paper, doesn't it?

But here's a scenario perhaps some bloggers can relate to more readily...

Do I trust that God has the Buddy and His little brother's best interest at heart and I need not fear for their future in the least? Do I put my faith in the prayers He asks me to pray and let Him work out their ultimate good in His own way, in His own time?

Sometimes I do.

Sometimes I have a little more difficulty maintaining that serenity.

Then there's the life threatening stuff...

Do I trust that God holds our nephew in His hands and that ALL things work together for GOOD to those that Love Him.... That great big, handsome young man with a master's degree in education that he was using to bless the native young people way in the North where we have no church... do I trust that God allowed him to hit that moose and sustain a devastating head injury for an unseen, unknown but eternal object? Do I believe that all is being worked out for his good when the dumb medical system in Canada still can't even give the O.K. to let him have a CT scan 7 plus months after the accident to see why the guy can no longer string an intelligent sentence together? Yes, it's that bad! (Steve's been communicating with doctors... trying to figure out the best option and Andrew will hopefully come to the States by next week... someone has donated the funds, but we are praying he sees the right doctor right off!)

Then there's the material and annoying stuff of life...

Like finances... Steve applied for and was offered a new job. The hours were perfect. Much, much better better than what we deal with now. So much better that he would be home for morning and evening worship and breakfast and supper which would be so, so good for the twins.... normal hours like other dads. BUT he had to turn it down because we couldn't take the 10% cut in pay and the loss of his second job. Do I trust that the Lord knows this and has a purpose in his LONG, long days and hours?

I could go on, of course. The twins cognitive issues, my country girl with no city sense living far away in the middle of Fort Worth, Texas, etc...

I'm sure my readers could make their own list as long as an arm... The funny thing is, I fail most at the minuscule . . .

It seems more tempting to show lack of trust in momentary every day happenings.

How is that?


Today the girls are almost packed and we did our last gardening together. They have big plans and so many things to think of... We've gone from suitcases to carry- ons and now they have ditched them for backpacks. Maps have been printed, everything set...

Then the phone rang. The two adults the girls were going with had to cancel their trip.

So, we are sending our 18 and 14 year old to Europe all by themselves???? and um..... no seasoned travelers to help them navigate the airports and trains and no one to stay with at the convention center...???

We made a lot of calls and typed some facebook messages.

And we decided from the get-go that we would just TRUST.

He doesn't let us down. All we could do is Trust.

It's all worked out - well, sort of worked out. The hotel part, that is. They will be traveling just the two of them and there will be someone meeting them at the airport so long as flights make all connections, etc....then they will be couriered over to the train to make their way alone again from Vienna to Linz where someone will pick them up and take them to GYC. Alonna Smith has graciously said she would be sure they had at least a floor to sleep on in her room if she can't find better. It might mean no breakfasts as the meal comes with the hotel registration. . . but they are good with stuffing their bags with dried bananas and some granola bars. There are two hotels. One right there at the GYC which is full to overflowing and the other which is a little ways away. Alonna was certain they needed to be close in the one overflowing and is working towards that end. I am thankful. Steve has always had high regard for the Smiths and we are completely trusting the God will go with them and all will go fine.


On a lighter note... I was attacked by a young upstart rooster who is thinking to rule the roost. By tonight he may not have a head.

Uh! Guess that's not really a light happy thought.... Next time.


:)De said...

As it relates to my children, lately I have had to tell myself every morning that God loves my children more than I do and before I did. That He knew them and knitted them and already has laid out a plan for them. And I thank Him for loving them more than I.

Sean and Lisa said...

You don't know how much I needed this reminder tonight! So much I've been mulling over in my head and after reading your post I realize I've not TRUSTED Him as I should be. Thank you for reminding me and goading me onward and upward.
Prayers being said for you and yours...
Much love!

The Kibidula Bulletin Board said...

We'll be praying for the 3 girls. Love Antionette

Mama D’s Dozen said...

Oh how we have had to learn to TRUST the past couple of years . . .

. . . through our marriage crisis.

. . . through the loss of a baby in pregnancy.

. . . through the loss of family relationships.

. . . through the many, many months of unemployment (while receiving no unemployment benefits).

. . . through the most difficult R.A.D. journey.

Reminds me of the old hymn, "Trust & Obey" . . . "for there's no other way . . ."

Great post. Thanks for sharing.

Laurel :)