Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back to Boot Camp

It's been tough here. Really wild, actually. All four children are pretty needy. A few of them are quite demanding. Jealousy reins in three of them.

I was starting to lose my sanity just a little...

I decided to structure every waking second.

Seeing that completely destroys my time for cleaning up after everybody, the twins are having to do that for me... It's part of the planned structure. They have to be supervised, so I can't do much of it myself.

They are not impressed.

But I mix it up with some fun.

We are doing bean bags on the balance board. They are learning to throw the bean bag with one hand at a time while keeping the board level which is not so easy for them.

Then we switch it up with chores....unusual, big chores...like scrubbing the laundry room floor, washing the outside stairs, sweeping the garage.

It's a rather slow process.

The Buddy is being naughty and so, I'm holding him a lot. I am just Standing there just looking at him blankly when he's SCREAMING at me for something. Then when he quits screaming I engage and have him sign for what he wants. I hope it works. I'm sick of the screaming.

I'm reading a book called, Discovery of a Learning Breakthrough A Life in Balance.

Basically it's the story of the man who worked to create the balance board and how to use it. It is actually the basis from which Sharper Minds in Oregon built their program on. I have the balance board and all the equipment. I needed the encouragement to put it all into practice once again. They desperately need this.

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GB's Mom said...

Encouragement being sent in abundance. Hope and I are back to the beginning. Three feet away, color, building, minitramp, reading and that's it. I marked off a four foot square that she needs to stay in when she is playing (kind of like a playpen). Hope doesn't like it at all, so maybe it is doing some good. A balance board sounds like a great idea.