Monday, July 23, 2012

It's RAD

Carolina was dropping off Carissa this morning and we were talking about how the twins were spiraling.... she reminded me that it's RAD. I'm carrying the Duckling around all the time and they are feeling insecure, and instead of saying I want a hug, or I need to sit with you because I think you are spending too much time with that baby, they act out with disgusting behaviors. They can't express themselves in appropriate ways so they choose to cause chaos to get attention.

James has thrown up twice this morning. At this point he's lost control of it, I think. It's no longer something he's making himself do so much.

It's my birthday. Last night Missy was going on and on about how we were going to have gluten free cake, etc... and I just said, you know, right now you guys are making me too sad to have a birthday. Anyway, it's my birthday, not yours, I think I'll skip it this year. She got mad and folded her arms in front of her and yelled, "Go ahead then!!" She was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO mad.  I said, well, since it is my birthday, if you wanted to make me happy you could make me a card.  Somehow, it's all about her. How do  you teach a child to have a heart for others. I'm a little worried about her this way. I am not going to deal with much today, we're just going to get through this day. I do have to run to the orthodontist with Missy, which is daunting with 5 kiddos.


Mama in Uganda said...

I am so sorry. Praying for you.

On a side note, and I mean nothing ill in sharing it, but I loathe the label RAD....When I see behaviors in my children I go to the Word for an example....and each and every time I find one...there truly is nothing new under the sun.

Look at Jacob and Esau...its a perfect example...sin gives birth to sin...Missy is jealous...which gives birth to anger...

May the God of peace fill you today,

bka said...

wish i could help you out today, but on my way to the tri cities to pick up emily. blessings on your day.

momof4boys said...

Wishing you a peaceful birthday!

GB's Mom said...

RAD is real and predictable- not so much how they act out, but why they act out. Finding their triggers helps. Most of my praying centers around asking God to help me be the parent my RADlet needs. This is hard stuff.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Thank you for reminding us! ;-) I do trust and pray that you and Steve will be able to somehow relax after all the little ones are in bed tonight and that you will be able to reflect and realize God's love and care for you during this past year and be blessed knowing that the new year will have no less of it. Guess you CAN get rid of Buddy's duckies in the tub and make sure you have some candles and bubble-bath at hand! xx Antionette

Sean and Lisa said...

Happy birthday friend! No matter what they are doing or not doing this is a special day because YOU were born and that's something to CELEBRATE!!

Praying no more vomit, no more disobedience, no more lies, no more stubborn wait...oops sorry, that would be Heaven...umm, ok, how about please Lord fill her cup today and buoy her up above all yuck!
Much love!

Sophie said...

Happy Birthday. Even if you skip it know I am thinking of you and hoping and praying you will more than just make it through today. I completely understand and I am so sorry things are even more difficult than usual right now. ((hugs))

Mama D’s Dozen said...

So sorry.

I hope that you can put the kids to bed a bit early (even if they just play quietly in their room for a bit before bed), so that you and Steve can have some QUIET time to celebrate YOU.

Have Steve pick up some take-out at your favorite restaurant. Break out a bottle of sparkling cider. Rent a romantic movie. And . .. . RELAX for a couple of hours (even if baby is in your arms).

Praying for you today!