Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Thanks for all the best wishes and kind comments. Yesterday was one surprise after another... I really had planned on skipping my birthday because it would be TOO much work and Missy makes way too much fuss about it and I really was not up to all that.

Went to the orthodontist. The Lord blessed, because I dread going anywhere with 5 little people, but they were all good. Missy got all the attention, of course, so she was good with that. Ha! They wanted to schedule me right away for the next appointment and I was like, there's no big rush is there? I'd like to wait until Bri's home. No sense pushing the envelope on having that many kids behavior perfectly in the office twice in a row.

Then we went to Costco only cause we had to. There hadn't been soy milk in the house in three days... Loaded the cart with kids. No room for groceries. You should see the looks I garner. One lady just had to ask if they were all mine.

Then Steve texted me and asked us to swing by the hospital for fruit smoothies. This is a highlight with the kids. My birthday treat, they said. While waiting the phone rang. The girls were calling from Austria.

I almost got home when Steve texts again...."getting off work early. I'm taking you out to eat". REALLY? That never happens here. I got on the phone and called every possible person who might babysit the twins... No one was home on that beautiful, sunshiny summer day and in the end it was Becky. And I hadn't called her, she called me and when she heard what I was up to she offered. So yep. celebrated with Steve without kids. Thai vegetable stir fry - not really kid food anyway  :-)   The baby's were on a visit with their family. Did some shopping at Christopher and Banks. LOVE that store. It's about the only place I can shop and find down to earth, practical, semi dressy, decent outfits on every rack. Came out with a few nice sale items.  By the end of the evening, everyone I had called to see if they could watch the kids called back and offered to babysit later. I have like 4 offers!! WILL use them.

Steve asked how old I was. I said, I don't know. Maybe 34.....and he never batted an eye.  I was actually thinking 44 but it came out 34. (Maybe have dyscalculia...Maybe 43? )Good grief, how's a person suppose to remember a number for WHOLE year?? And then they go and  change it every year.. I can't keep up. I only remember the number that stays the same.  I said, "well, I was born in '69, you do the math."  Yeah, I know. I'm either so old my brain is fried, or I have too many kids. I can't remember anything.

Today was not so fun. Can't have fun every day. Twins fought me about the routine big time. Missy snuck food - gluten filled bread off the floor under the highchair, no less. Tried to deal with her attitude... and found myself very frustrated and at my wits end. Angry. I am not proud of my lack of patience. After that I cut her hair because she has been belligerent about brushing it. I had warned her yesterday. It's actually very cute short on her. She has nice hair; thick and wavy. I had all at once 4 screaming kids. Buddy is cranky and jealous and bored cause I can't take him outside all day. Ducky was gassy and crying and wanted to be held or he'd scream at the top of his lungs. James and Anna-Joy turned around eventually. They actualy swept and cleaned the patio area together for quite awhile.  Steve called on his way home. The kids were screaming so loud I had to shout to be heard on the phone. My Lands!! who would have thought.  The apricots sit ripening and I can do not a thing about it.

My husband is literally mowing the pasture in the DARK at ten o'clock at night. Don't get any ideas it's a riding lawn mower with lights, or anything. Nope, it's a push mower. You sure figure out what those girls do around here when they are not home!


GB's Mom said...

I am so happy you enjoyed your birthday... however old you are!

Sophie said...

So glad you got away with your hubby for your birthday.

I am tired just reading about your days lately.

Mama D’s Dozen said...

Yea for Birthday Surprises!!!

I knew I liked you . . . my absolutely favorite clothing store is Christopher & Banks. Oh. My. Yes.

Sorry today was a bit more difficult.

Hugs & Prayers!

Laurel :)

stina~bee said...

Ok, So Leasa says you should just pick the Apricots and freeze them whole... Pit and all. So glad you had a nice birthday!

Leasa said...

Christina said she commented on your blog about my suggestion regarding your ripe apricots. I checked it out and thought I should clarify. :)
First, I was talking about peaches, but I'd think it would work with apricots? I put the ripe peaches in freezer zip lock bags - DON"T WASH or blanch, just put them in the bags and freeze. When your ready to eat, put the peaches in a pot of boiling water for about 2 -3 minutes. They look like they were just picked off the trees, and taste very fresh too. The skin just comes off whole, the middle is still a little frozen, but it's absolutely delicious. I don't know how an apricot would do, but it's worth a try. It'll save you tons of time.
I'm enjoying your girls so much - they are jewels!

Oldqueen44 said...

A peaceful, quiet, kid free, birthday dinner, sounds heavenly.