Thursday, March 1, 2012

For a Christmas Miracle Part 3 { First Recital }

You may recall Missy's great desire to play the violin...
You may recall she is developmentally delayed and you may realize that playing the violin is no small feat.
You may recall that at Christmas we embarked on a mission to conceive a miracle....

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Today was a high day.

The very first recital. The girl's music teacher invited the twins to play a piece each.

Do you have any idea what it's like to be a mom with FIVE kids playing in one recital ? We kind of take up a chunk of time!! ~ The levels of ability spread out from some of the most advanced music being played, to intermediate, to the most beginning level possible.

 We opted to skip out on the piano accompaniment
as it's more than Missy can follow at this point. 
She can concentrate on playing with Brianna
but to stay with the piano is a little hard.
It's kind of funny because she has a tendency to get 
faster and faster and she doesn't adjust her speed to match
at all, yet.

BUT she played the first variation of TWINKLE.
SO proud.
It wasn't perfect.
She was a nervous wreck,
but she played it.
(and has since played for our church talent night and it went even better.
She wasn't near as nervous and concentrated harder.)

So thankful!
 James made a mistake part way through his song.
He stopped.
Said an exaggerated "Ooopsies"

and started all over again!

This time he made it.

This is a major step for these two!!
I am thankful.


Diane said...

Congratulations! This is a huge accomplishment for the twins!

Sophie said...

huge indeed.

Jennifer P said...

Beautiful. Progress is everything even in baby steps.

Anonymous said...

Proud of them! Antionette