Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's Spring

My dad notices if I miss posting two days in a row...

People start thinking things are really bad with the twins, or nothing is happening, but actually, the twins are doing well and it's spring break and time to plant seeds :-)

Yesterday we got the water going in the greenhouse so I don't have to water by hand anymore. Steve fixed the hinge on the door and today we are making some improvements on the inside so that the water doesn't just run down the aisle.  We pulled weeds and planted a few rows of greens outside. Steve had his chainsaw out and was whacking and hacking at the shrubbery around the house.

Today we are having rain and we plan to have a bon fire.

We are on the verge of being a tad late, but green drinks and juicing is the latest and greatest fad around here. Everybody is concerned about their health and their size and the nutrition content of their food, so we are planing and planting hoping to provide healthy, live greens for these people as well as ourselves... and maybe we'll even cover the costs of this year's seeds. We've never been so gung ho about gardening in March before... We'll see how that works out.

Like I mentioned, the twins are doing fairly good. James especially. Missy is pitching mini-fits over not getting her way, but mostly there's enough going on she doesn't want to miss out on that she's trying. Today she was almost late for school again. Pitching fits over what she had to wear. It didn't matter what which outfit, she just didn't want Christina suggesting them. She had made all the other days on time. Last week was so awful she was late every day!! I wrote a note for her teacher on Friday and had Missy deliver it and the teacher told Missy that she could NOT be late Monday. It worked. She wasn't late Tuesday and Wednesday either.

I went to a RAD support group and I was the only one who showed up. Oh well.

Oh, and one more thing... the Pediatrician and her nurse (friend Kristen) are working so very, very hard to get us the right appointment with the RIGHT person and not the guy around here that pushes meds without thinking and makes things worse. Very difficult because he's the top man who everybody "has to go through".

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~Melissa said...

Dads don't always notice, it is nice that you have one that does! :)

Glad you are able to get into the garden! I wish I had more seedlings to go into mine. I lost half mine, at least, I had a second sheet of stuff, put a celery stalk bottom/root into it (and it is growing), but I threw some old lettuce into it to decompose on the other end of the soil... and before I mixed it it got all smelly and that same day all my seedlings drooped. Don't know if it was putting off toxic fumes or what... it was moist, but not too moist... that is the only factor... once I took it out... the seedlings perked back up. Weird! (I have one of those bookcase greenhouses for my seedlings.) Well, have a nice Sabbath!

Warmly, ~Melissa