Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We Passed

We passed the citizenship test....

Two week until the swearing in ceremony.

Today, of all days, while we were out of town Missy was asked to leave school on account of possible pink-eye. I don't really know if it's pink-eye, though I wouldn't be surprised as she has this odd habit of poking her eye-ball every time she's in trouble. She has a bit of a red eye, but it is not goopy or anything. It was not in the plan, of course. Delores saved the day and took her home for me. 

James went with the girls this morning. He was all thrilled to be going to "college" until he got there. It's pretty boring for an 8 year old boy. However, Christina's high school biology lab for homeschoolers was a hit. They were dissecting frogs today. Next he played with a friend until the girls were done.

The buddy went with us. He's back on anti-biotics. He drank almost a full liter of pedi-lite on the trip. Yay for hydration. Not so yay on the exploding diapers. He soaked through everything.

We are so close to the end of the quarter and finals. The girls are so looking forward to spring break.

 Me too!