Monday, March 5, 2012

Acts 1

It's a funny thing.

Now Missy doesn't want to be left in the dust...

Everyone is making an effort together to master Acts chapter 1.  I really don't know what the twins can accomplish, but I'm happy they have caught the spirit and want to try.

Really truly. This is much harder memorization than memorizing a Psalm. Psalm 34 is a piece of cake in comparison to the language we are encountering in Acts. It's like my brain has hiccups. I know it, but the words come out in spurts. Hopefully we'll get better at it as we go.

The Buddy managed to bite the new dresser and leave his teeth marks this morning... from there he went straight to the screen slider and ripped the screen out of the frame. He's walking about 4 or 5 steps at a time now. We're teaching him to follow directions, ie, "Throw the duckies in the water." and such. He's a smart little guy, but no one had really showed him that he could do things and understand.

Missy has a new look.
 There's a whole story behind it, but I lost the first draft and so all you get is the picture. And her hair is not even combed.


GB's Mom said...

Like the look! Acts is tough.

Sophie said...

How adorable is that hair cut? Love it! Good luck on the memorization. I stink at memorizing anything.

C Dawn's bucket said...

Love that outfit on the Buddy! It was always one of my favorites.

Oh and if you find out where to harvest patience let me know :D