Friday, March 30, 2012

Four Days

It's good to have Daddy home for four whole days. It's still spring break for the big girls and so he took a few days off. This has been a tremendous blessing in keeping the twins regulated. It's also very nice to get a few projects about the place worked on!!

 Between rain storms...

 He's proud of that hard hat.
 *Pretending* to drink her "chocolate" shake...
There was a lot of "chocolate" everything being offered for treats.

No weeds! Black barrier cloth and gravel to make everything look clean and tidy.

What it looks like when you serve up lunch around here....
Garden greens, roasted potatoes, and hearty soup

Hard work encourages healthy appetites.
There wasn't a lick of it wasted.


Jennifer P said...

The twins are so CUTE! I'm jealous of your green. All I see is brown out my window and a patch of snow here or there. Thanks for the inspiration.

Shonni said...

Great pictures. Love the garden!!!