Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spoke Too Soon?

I'm making this one huge last ditch effort at homeschooling James...

and despite my discouragement the other day, he's actually got a little spark lit under him. It was so small I wasn't seeing it at first. We will guard the little ember with all we've got. I am grateful to report he is thinking.

I took him to the library Friday and we borrowed a pile of books on subjects he is interested in. He is interested in transportation. Airplanes, trains, boats, and the like hold a lure.... I'm thinking of how we can let him visit trains, boat ramps, take the city bus and maybe ride the train as incentive. I know the little museum nearby has a caboose. It's closed for the season, but he read about kids exploring one in his reader and it jogged my memory of the girls doing that a few years ago. I wonder if the city museum has anything about tractors and trains.

 He came home from the library and read to me for an hour. He let me and Christina read to him for an hour, and then again last night he took out his book and read to Vanessa.

Missy wants a chart with stickers, too. She brought her little reading book to me before I was out of bed this morning.

Brianna has been challenging the twins physically. This I appreciate very much. She's pushing Missy in her violin lessons to a new level.  And she's creating elaborate actions to go along with the memory verses - and the twins love it. Bri is a wonderful special ed teacher. Training or no training, she has what it takes. She takes no nonsense from them, and then raises the bar to just within their reach -  she turns it into a game and she has fun with them.

The Buddy is as snotty as they get, however, he feels much better. I'm wondering if there is a connection between the copious amount of mucus this child produces and his bottle. Dairy does that to Missy and it does that to my husband. At any rate, he made it to church and loved his little class.

It's time to begin Acts chapter 2... well, I'm a little rough on the last half of chapter one though. Will have to work hard, but I'm also going for my citizenship interview in two days and I have to get those 100 questions memorized, too.


Jo said...

its a wonderful field if Bri wants to work in special ed and i am sure many opportunities in the mission fields for such services - i always had a dream to open up a farm with pet therapy and of course regular farm work - like you know i have been in this field for almost 30 yrs and i love them to pieces and they have so much to give - i can go on and on - i get excited when i hear or read the excitement some have in working with this population

Poetikon said...

Wow, what wunderful children!
Congratulations for you and your husband.
I like such human as you, this is well done...
greetings from Germany,