Sunday, March 4, 2012

Speckled Baby

It's been just over 10 days since the lil' Buddy received the rest of his shots.

He's covered neck to ankles in little red speckles. I was not thrilled with them wanting to "catch him up" on all his missed shots at once, so they did it in two batches, two weeks apart. After the first batch he was sick and just when he was finally getting better it was time for the second batch. Immediately he was sick all over again. About 8 days after we started noticing little red dots here and there. At 11 days he's speckled all over.

His immune system was already compromised, so I think the added burden of the vaccines just made things worse.

This was my sixth week in a row where I could not attend church due to someone's sickness. Actually, I take that back. I was there one of those weeks for about an hour.

There is a certain amount of isolation that happens when you take in children.  The first time around nearly did me in. I was mostly out of the picture for months and months and I guess I was vain enough to actually think I would be missed. . . and when a lot of people didn't notice, or call  or stop by... I was surprised. I really struggled to find my place in that community of fellowship again once things simmered down. Everything had completely changed (several factors played into this) and I found myself almost totally on the outside of my old circle of friends. That was painfully uncomfortable.

The shake-up of my pleasant little world was not all bad, of course. I learned some valuable lessons  and I have foraged new connections in places and with people I might not have,  had I been satisfied with the way things were. I have to believe God allowed this. The friendships of those who did let us know that they cared during those months are all that more precious. The protective walls I put up to  keep myself from further pain, though, probably not so good... even as I recognize them and wish to escape them,  it's not so easy to be as open as I once was.

Anyway, this time around I know what to expect. It's a pleasant surprise if someone  calls to say we were missed or takes the time to connect.

It was talent night at the church last night. It's not so much about "Talent" as it is about antics... lol. I didn't go,  but the twins had another opportunity to play their instruments and they did better than at the recital.  There were several little mentor duets.... Christina playing with her student,  Angela, on the flute, Ellie with her student, Payton, on the Violin, Grace singing with Natalie, Vanessa's piano students - James and Robert. And of course, Brianna with Missy. It's fun to see the mentoring happening. The girls, along with Steve and Missy did their own impromptu version of the French song - Le Duo Des Chats. I don't know how that is French. It's cat language! Missy took front and center stage in front of the mic with interjected meows.  She was really struck with how much people laughed and she had to tell me all about it. Apparently the the girls had a tough time keeping their composure, but they pulled it off.

Okay.... so James was not so enthused about memorizing from the book of Acts. He said, "Maybe later."  Today he's decided not to be left out. He's been drawing and writing out the verses all morning. We'll see how long that lasts.


Sophie said...

The isolation and loss of friendships is so hard. I completely understand.

Hope the speckles go away quickly. Delaney had only had two rounds of shots when I got her at 4 years old and had to catch up. But, thankfully she didn't have any reactions to them.

Hang in there.

Jennifer P said...

Amazing that they have no compunction about giving 5 or 6 shots at one time. I space them out as well. Hope he turns the corner quickly.

Isolation and how things change? I'm there now after our last adoption and wondering how to get back or where to go next.

Mama D.'s Dozen said...


Being on the outside of a circle of friends.

Life shake-ups.

Protective walls.

I understand. So hard. So painful.

Praying you find your place again, within your fellowship. After a year in a new church, we are thinking of looking for a new one again. We just haven't found a place ... haven't even made 1 friend. We are so very lonely.