Friday, March 9, 2012

Help! He's Eating the Crib

Bought this beautiful crib for the Buddy and he's chewing it up BAD!!

ANY IDEAS of how to stop him?

When a horse chews on their trough it's called cribbing. Now I know why.


Carrie said...

I just ordered my second set of these Hope that works. If not, it is the Trend Lab Crib Wrap. I found it cheapest on Amazon. It is pricey, but it works fabulously.

Anonymous said...

If you can wash it... buy some super spicy hot sauce and smear it on the crib. Or mix a thick paste of oil and cayenne pepper. ...if you can wash the crib, that is. I've never tried it for a crib, but it's seemed to deter little mouths from other things.

schnitzelbank said...

Do NOT pepper the crib! That's just cruel.

Sophie said...

I put a picture on my blog of the crib tent. I know it is not for the chewing problem but it would solve that problem, as it wraps around the whole crib. I LOVE the crib tents because not only do they keep the boys from climbing out they also keep all their blankets, paci, their beds with them. Just an idea.

Gina said...

I used the Trend Lab fleece crib wrap with Ryan and they worked great. They hold up well and wash up great.
I tried the plastic rail covers and he pulled them off within minutes.
Good luck,

momof4boys said...

Spicy pepper would get, not just in his mouth, but in his nose, his eyes and everywhere. I would suggest wrapping the crib edge with something cloth or a small pvc pipe cut on one side and put over the edges like a long clamp. Just a weird thought, but it might work, depending on your crib.

Anonymous said...

Boy I would also omit my name with a spicy suggestion like that! Antionette

Acceptance with Joy said...

lol. I won't be using the spices.

I've had hot pepper in my eyes before.

I love the crib wrap suggestion. Getting my sewing machine out! Thanks for the help, everyone. The crib is in a sorry state. I'll try posting a pick.