Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Any Patience for Sale? * Updated*

The Buddy's visit was canceled today, which is really good for him, and really busy for me. If I thought he was busy three weeks ago... OH MY! The reason I say it is good for him is all this running back and forth to town (30 minute drive each way) is hard on him. He misses naps and gets over tired. He hates car seats. Having a visit every other day is tough on him. When he's home two whole days in a row he is happier.

I've been riding the waves with the twins and dealing with it pretty much evenly. It seems I get to a point, though, where my frustration begins to build up inside... and then, like this morning, I just start bawling and I lose my patience. Steve and I have been working pretty intensely with James. He would prefer to be left alone. He would like to cry every time we ask him to lift his pinkie. He would just like to be allowed to sit and do nothing. We're working with him, pushing him out of his comfort zone, raising the bar. He's  responding explosively, but today I felt like he was just shutting down.

****He is now taking a nap, because I'm wondering if all the fun we've had swimming yesterday, and recitals and talent night, etc... was all catching up and the reason he's so lethargic is actual tiredness. Ha! We can't even tell what's genuinely real tiredness anymore, but I'm assuming when one starts to cry over everything including peeling a banana to eat, they have got to be tired.***

I talked to his teacher and asked what she was thinking for next year, and ....  She's thinking of moving away. (!!) I told her that I thought three days a week was not enough, anyway, and that I am at a loss as to how to teach him. I don't think I can  anymore.  She admitted to me that he shuts down on her every time she wants him to do something that he perceives as hard. So, now we know it's not just me. That's good and bad news. If you know what I mean.

I need a load of patience.

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Sophie said...

I have had a "tired" boy who is spending a lot of time on his bed this week. So tired of his fuss. And the rest of the family is too. Whitney is retreating to her room all the time right now to escape the screaming and crazy. I miss her so much and have decided if someone is going to be in their room, it will be Jackson.